Want more help growing your business? Read what my amazing clients say about working with me here.



Want more help growing your business? Read what my amazing clients say about working with me here.


Happy Clients

I highly recommend Jo! She is an absolutely amazing VA. Since starting working with Jo my business has flowed beautifully and effortlessly. Jo plays an integral part of my team and I can’t imagine running my business without her.
Nothing deters her and she also makes suggestions that will save time. As well as her VA services she has helped me source people, places and products that are essential to my business too.❤️

Denise Martinez Rossini

I just want to say how magical Jo is as a person and as a VA. She is accommodating, extremely knowledgable, organized and always one step ahead, going above and beyond what is required with every project. I can’t recommend her enough!

Lauren Saraswati Zavlunov

Recode your Frequency

I do not know what I would do without Jo. She is professional, competent and friendly. She has a real ‘can do’ attitude. She is incredibly efficient at turning work around and uses her initiative to be one step ahead of your needs whenever possible. When I am out of the office I have confidence that my clients are being looked after and receiving the best standard of service. She manages their expectations and really helps me to keep on top of everything.

Clare-Elaine Arthurs, Partner

Gunner Cooke

Working with Jo was like a dream. We are miles and miles apart yet she made it so easy, she listened to all my crazy ideas and designed a perfect prospectus. Jo’s work was completed quickly, communicated professionally and beautifully delivered.

Vicky Tidy

Mumma B Fit

Jo is amazing! I was wary about booking a VA, as I didn’t know what to expect and felt I should be doing this stuff myself.

However, Lockdown came & hit me like a ton of bricks and made life so hectic with homeschooling 1 child, looking after a toddler, running my business, studying for my psychotherapy qualification & all the other normal stuff like cooking/cleaning! I was struggling!

I decided I had to finally admit that I just couldn’t do it all & it was time to delegate some things. I had my group coaching programme launch date coming up and hadn’t had any time to create a landing page for it, so I contacted Jo hoping she’d be able to help (that day lol) & to my surprise she did!

We jumped on a Zoom call, she asked a few questions and understood exactly what I needed and how I wanted it to look. She was so friendly & actually calmed me down in my mini moment of panic.

Within a few hours a beautiful landing page was created! This would’ve taken me a long time and it took away a huge amount of stress and was feeling instantly better.

I am so grateful to have found Jo & I will definitely be working with her again as my business is growing. Thank you Jo xx

Emily Bediako

Emily Empowers

Jo, you’re awesome and I want to say thank you and put something on your page to show others how bloody fabulous it is to work with you. Working with Jo has been one of the most powerful decisions I’ve made in my business which has really been highlighted lately.

I’ll be honest, initially I was a bit wary of spending money on a VA and handing work over, I felt a bit lazy and like it was a luxury — but being able to off-load things meant I could focus on other areas and as a direct result my yearly income has dramatically increased (almost tripled 😱).

Over the year of working together, she has come to know my style so much that her suggestions of what I can add are invaluable, it’s like having another person in my business which feels amazing.

As an extra addition (as if the above wasn’t enough) Jo has introduced me to other women who are now firm fixtures in my circle and my entrepreneurial social community has grown with other fab women in it.

I’m a bit (ok a lot) ADHD so Jo grounds me, helps organise me, proof reads my awful grammar, creates beautiful workbooks, builds my website pages, stacks email automatons and social media, schedules things in for me and now is part of my team where clients go directly to her — the sense of relief and support is huge and has made the work life balance a reality, so much so I’ve been able to have a life again!

Starting a business is hard hustle but now I can actually have holidays and time off which hadn’t happened in years.

She’s truly a game changer, having her support my business has meant that my business is able to still grow whilst I get to step back a bit and enjoy preparing for motherhood… I mean, how incredible is that?!

I feel like I’ve truly nailed this entrepreneurial lifestyle balance thing so life is pretty awesome right now.

So Jo, you rock! I adore you and can’t wait to see where we go from here 😘

Lucy Howman

Lucy Howman Coaching

I would highly recommend Jo. Her work is simply stunning. She turned a very bland PDF I had written into the most beautiful 25 page document. I gave her very little guidance but Jo intuitively knew what I wanted. Down to matching my branding colours. Her work is amazing, I can’t recommend her enough. 

Androulla Corbin

Despina's Lights

If you’re looking for first-class business support then look no further than Jo. She helped me with so many things: from book creation to setting up Mailchimp auto-responders, scheduling my social media and creating memes. The time she saved me and the progress she helped me make was invaluable. Everything is done with expertise and enthusiasm, and I will definitely be calling on you again, Jo. Thanks again.

Michelle Emerson

Michelle Emerson Self Publishing

Jo has made a real difference to my business and personal affairs. Not only has she been quick to step in with client projects, delivering an exceptional attention to detail and skill on projects ranging from research and writing through to website work, but I’ve been able to delegate a complete relocation project to her so I can make client deadlines. She’s fun to work with and I’ve yet to be less than thrilled with anything she’s done. I’ve worked with various virtual PAs over the last 10 years but Jo is in a class of her own.

Helen Hammond

ELE Global

Jo is such an amazing lady. She is so calm, caring, friendly and professional. She has done a few VA jobs for me now and I 100 % wouldn’t go anywhere else. I totally recommend her. Thank you Jo, you’re awesome!

Keeley Roberts

The Positivity Queen

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